Goals and objectives of the prize::

  • Drawing attention to the problem of ecological safety and preservation of ecosystem integrity
  • Recognition, promotion and replication of the best practices and technologies in the field of ecology, resource-saving and production of environmentally friendly products
  • Informing society about the benefits of environmentally friendly products, existing environmental standards and achievements in the field of ecology
  • Aiding the formation of environmental awareness and promotion of the environmental behavior in the society


is an independent public prize, awarded for best products and practices in the field of ecology, energy and resource saving.


Start of application acceptance - Participants submit applications to the Directorate for their subsequent submission for consideration by the Project Experts - April 2017 - June 2018
End of the selection of participants' applications and the voting of the Experts on the shortlist of the Prize - June 2018
Summing up the project - awarding participants of the "ECO BEST PRACTICES" catalog and the winners of the "ECO BEST AWARD" Prize - July 2018
Carrying out an information campaign in the media announcing the results of the project - July 2018 - September 2018

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